• KIT KAT House
Preparation: 40 min   Serving: 8

Our KIT KAT House is the sweetest decoration around! Make several and build your own yummy village.


8 KIT KAT chocolate bars (45 g each) 8
1 white cake decorating icing tube (120 g) 1
1 AERO chocolate bar (42 g) 1
  SMARTIES, jelly candies, candy sprinkles or any other favourite candy for decoration  


    1. Measure out two pattern pieces on bristol board or cereal box cardboard. Cut out patterns and fold along the dotted lines shown in the diagram.
    2. Tape the sides of the two pattern pieces together first to form the house frame.
    3. Tape roof together then tape bottom of house to foil covered board or white cake board.
    4. Dab icing on back of 4 KIT KAT bars to make sides of house and on 2 KIT KAT bars to make front and back; attach bars by pressing gently on house frame. Cut 2 KIT KAT bars in half widthwise; dab icing on backs and attach on each side of roof. Cut 3 pieces from AERO bar; set aside. Dab icing on back of remaining AERO piece; attach to house to make front door. Use icing to glue 2 of the leftover AERO pieces to form chimney; attach to roof. Use last remaining AERO piece for front step. Fill cabin seams with icing. Decorate by attaching your favourite decorations with icing.
  • Nutrients per serving
  • Calories 280
  • Protein 3 g
  • Fat 14 g
  • Carbohydrate 37 g

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